Padre217 is the representation of the two elements of my professional life.  While they often function as two separate careers, at times they intersect in very cool ways.  SInce the Fire Service is considered a "paramilitary" organization and functions in similar ways, I am often called "padre" by my co-workers.



noun (informal) ( sometimes capital) 


1.father: used to address or refer to a clergyman, esp a priest

2. a chaplain to the armed forces




two seventeen

My badgenumber in West Van Fire Rescue

ME :)

I am a husband, a father of four, a firefighter, and a minister. Whatever I decide to do, I do it with my whole heart, and I like to have fun while I'm doing it. I enjoy discovering the nuances of coffees, craft beer, scotch, and home cooking with my family and friends. If I'm not at home with my family or at work with my friends you can probably find me at the squash courts beating the crap out of a little black ball. I think it's my therapy.  


I worked on a church staff as a minister for 9 years.  Now I tend to provide services for those who don't find themselves inside the walls of a church very often.