My coaching services come from a background of pastoral counseling.  I am not a certified counsellor, but I do have 12 years of experience and training in personal and relationship counseling.  While there is never a bad time for couple coaching I recommend an intentional and proactive approach as opposed to reacting to circumstances when thet get REALLY big and overwhelming.  Whatever your circumstance is, I am hopeful that I can help.  If I feel that other counselling or support resources would be helpful I will help connect you without hesitation. I like to use assesments and other tools to help raise self and couple awareness levels.  I can meet you in your home, in my home, or can arrange for private space for our appointments.

$50 - 1 hour of coaching.

Almost every couple I meet is fiercly committed, but missing some perspective that can elevate their marriage enjoyment.  It's amazing what some subtle tweaking can do